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Thread: How to improve quality of rendered mpegs?

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    Unhappy How to improve quality of rendered H.264 mpegs?

    Hi there,
    I'm editing small videos already for a while (checkout my videos on youtube) and think I mastered the basics of video editing. Somehow I'm always frustrated about the quality of the material I rendered. Even when using ridiculous huge bit rates, that result in GB-files for some two minutes viedo, the look is rather poor quality.

    I tried around with several file formats (actually just containers) and codecs even several softwares (MAGIX, Vegas Studio, Vegas Pro now).
    Look at this . The resolution is 720p and the bitrate just 2.500kBit/s with H.264, the logos and font at the beginning of the video look super sharp and the footage is brisk. What do the professionals use to get this results?
    I would understand if my footage is poor quality from cheap cams, but I did some filming with my Canon 60D recently and the original files from the cam look awesome. They are super sharp, extreme colors and just like any professional video you find in the web. As soon as I try to work with it, it looks muddy.

    Here in the attached picture I have a still from an original GoPro 1080p file and below what my rendering did with the same bitrate as the original, using H.264 encoder. It looks much worse and even the colors seem to be lighter, less contrast...
    I did nothing but put the clip in the timeline and rendered the film. Of course I know how to get the colors brighter and everything, but for the beginning I would like to have the initial material being what comes out of the camera. I already tried a lot of different ways and encoders in Sony Vegas that can create H.264 mpeg and also played around with all the attributes. Especially setting everything to extreme quality (vs file size) and still it looks poor all the time.
    Any advice? I wouldn't even mind buying some expensive software, because it's quite frustrating, spending thousands for camera equipment, weeks at the set and then destroying the awesome footage with poor render quality. :(

    Is there some external H.264 encoder that I can purchase, that will give better results? Or is it the editing software, destroying the quality? I can export uncompressed video material, but I can not check the quality, as my computer can not play it, as the data is just too much.

    I wouldn't even mind switching to Premiere Pro or similar, if I can be sure that the results will be much better there (but I do not believe without proof )
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