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Thread: How to do this? Video Stitching?

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    Default How to do this? Video Stitching?

    Hey everyone! I'm fairly new in video editing and I have a school project where I'm planning to do something like this. (I really don't know what it's called

    I currently have iMovie 10 but am willing to try other advanced softwares

    Any help would be appreciated !

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    It's often called clone effect but basically consists of using transparency masks on overlays.

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    In it's simplest form:

    1) Record your centre shot
    2) Record your left shot
    3) Record your right shot

    Important - make sure you're lighting is consistent between shots and preferably that the camera doesn't move!

    Put them on different video tracks, crop the left and right shots so the centre shot shows through.

    Add a mask / feather so there's no obvious join between them.

    That's the simple concept. In reality is takes a little more effort but you get the idea.

    I'm not sure iMovie can do this in one go because as I recall you're limited to two video track. With this in mind, create your background (left right shots) then export as a single movie. Then re-import it and then overlay your centre shot and crop left & right.

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