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Thread: Runnin Outta Time Music Video

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    Default Runnin Outta Time Music Video

    MC Yo Wassup - Outta Time

    Shot on a A99 cut on Sony Vegas 13

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    Footage was a bit repetitive. I would have preferred some variety that somehow relates to the lyrics.

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    ^^^agreed. i see you are definitely taking some advice though. heres what i suggest. a couple hip hop music videos that are really popular and you'll see what you need.

    these shots make no sense to me at all. outta time couldve had something to do with a clock somewhere in the video. maybe a room full of clocks for a scene i dont know......

    *edit* re read what i wrote and i realized i came off a bit rude. my apologies. you're definately improving every time!!
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    Funny one )))

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