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Thread: Vertical thirds template for Vegas Pro

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    Default Tiles template for Vegas Pro

    Thought I'd ask first before manually attempting this huge project.
    I was wondering if there's an efficient way to make a template for 3 vertical a picture in a picture.
    This way, I could pop in different clips to see in which position (red, yellow, green) they should display. (See attachment)
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    This takes a little setting up, but it makes it really quick for swapping the video footage in and out and moving it around in the "thirds frame".
    Create 6 tracks.
    In tracks 1,3 and 5 place a White solid colour and then mask it so it is only the size and position of one of the vertical thirds. In other words track 1 is equivalent to white where you have red in your attached image, track 3 has white where yellow is and track 5 has white where green is.
    Now make tracks 2,4 & 6 children of tracks 1,3,5 and make the compositing mode for 1,3&5 Multiply(mask) - this means only the video immediately underneath the white on the track below will show through.

    You can no freely move video into tracks 2,4 & 6. Pan and crop or use track motion to experiment with exactly where they fit.

    One of the beauties of this is you can then also animate the parent tracks for more variety. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get your head around it it is really flexible.
    This is the technique I used for this:

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    Thanks...Nice video

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