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Thread: how i could remove a noise?

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    Default how i could remove a noise?

    (not talking about sound) my videos have a lot of noise when i make it at night. what can i do?

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    By noise, do you mean grain, perhaps? If so, I know exactly what you are talking about *cough cough phone/iPod camera cough cough*. I usually find that increasing the lighting just a little helps more than you would think.

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    Neat Video is many people "go to" for noise reduction. I've been very happy with it.

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    so Neat Video really works.. and what about the camara? do you know what to do for reducing a little bit that noise? talking about the camara options.

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    Shoot as low an ISO as you can while maintaining the shutter speed / aperture you need. That's it really, unless your camera has built in black balancing (only pro cameras) which does help reduce noise a lot.

    If you're shooting in poor light and needing to raise the ISO too much then the answer is quite simple - get some lights!

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    thank you so much

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