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    so i was using a trial program to make this and it had a few minor glitches that i had to download another program export to that blah blah it was a hassle at the end of the day. so there is a couple parts where the video seems to slow down in quality for maybe 1 second or 2. dont let up with your criticism. i have never worked with a camera or a program before 11 days ago and i am quite interested in this and want to be the best i can be at it.
    thanks so much guys i appreciate being able to post here and get feedback from you. blessings.
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    Editing of the existing footage was fine but a bit more variety in the footage itself (view angles, objects, ...) would have been nice.

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    ya 100% i agree with you. i had already shot the footage and couldnt re shoot for this one. but thank you for the feedback. i am going to be working on a new one soon where there is a story line in the background to go along with everything else.i think that will be the missing piece from the puzzle

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