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Thread: Solar Eclipse March 2015 Timelapse

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    Default Solar Eclipse March 2015 Timelapse

    Not the best video in the world as I had rather bad gear (Nikon 1 J2, 30-110mm NIKKOR, ND3 filter, ISO 100, F 6.3, 1/16000s) and little time but I was lucky enough to record yesterdays partial solar eclipse and made a timelapse video of it.

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    This is what I managed to catch of the eclipse

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    A friend of mine (the bass player in this live rock band video) went to Spitsbergen to photograph the total eclipse, but it will be stills rather than video.

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    @MAGAZINE it looks so cool with the clouds. You could have used a tripod and/or stabilization in post.

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    @bouldersoundguy: It must have been really cool there as it got really night dark. Here it was more like twilight

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