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    Hey I'm new to the forums.
    Okay. Here's my problem. I have Sony Vegas 13. I have all my videos in an MP4 format. I also have a Logitech webcam. Is there anyway possible to use my recorded audio I want to put in my videos and somehow (? this is the part I'm wondering) put the audio into the voices of the characters in my MP4 vids? (They're TV Shows, FYI, all MP4 format). Please let me know if you need me to explain better- it sounds right in my head but when I type it out, not so Thank You.

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    So you want to do an overdub? Just create a new audio track, arm it for recording (a red circle with a red dot inside it, will say, "Arm for recording" when you hover your mouse over it), then hit Record (or CTRL+R). You may need to play with your settings some to be able to get audio through your webcam. I just tried it and I didn't need to adjust anything. To "put the audio into the characters," if I understand correctly, you can split the audio track of the videos where that characters talk and mute the sections. Talk only when the characters are supposed to. You can go back and split up the audio track you are recording to realign it and delete sections you don't need.

    If by "put the audio into the characters" you mean make you sound like them, the best you can do is find someone irl who sounds just like the characters (or really close to them).


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