Further to an earlier post I'm still struggling to explain what I'm missing regarding audio in After Effects (CS6) and help would be appreciated. Here goes:-

Shoot 3 short video clips (on Canon 6D), one at 60fps, one at 30fps and one at 24fps.
Transfer them onto laptop (Macbook) and play them in Quicktime player; all fine and dandy.
Import them into After Effects and then into a 25fps comp.
60fps clip plays fast when RAM previewed. No surprise there (as its a 25fps comp).
30fps clip plays fast when RAM previewed. Ditto.
24fps clip plays fast when RAM previewed. Now I'm confused.
But wait for this:-
When I export the (25fps) comp containing the 60fps clip to the render queue and render out (render settings set to 25fps), once rendered it plays fine in Quicktime player.
I have read through the Adobe manual sections on audio sync/render etc. but obviously I'm missing something (I assume in a setting somewhere?) and I so hope its something simple.

Any help with this much appreciated as I'm sure you can imagine how difficult this is making editing.