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Thread: Hi complete novice advice please

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    Default Hi complete novice advice please

    As the title suggests, I'm about to build my son & I a PC optimised for video editing, an expensive task but I hope it to be a good father & son learning experience. I have experience of building computers and I'm pretty literate when it comes to Hardware, but I'm less certain about the mainstream software toolsets I need to invest in, given his is to be a big part of our lives going forward. If there are folk out there that have preferences?


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    I would advise to go with your gut and buy whatever you feel is right for you. I've been a photograher for 15 years now but can clearly recall buying my first camera and all the add on equipment. its pretty danuting getting to know and learn what everything does. Mind you not as daunting as my first Photgraphy gig doing weddings in a venue in london, a very posh one as well at Gibson Hall, wedding filming (which i do now) is actually much easier. but not unique weddings which require you to be a bit more creative. the botom line is whatever you buy will be fine for your learning years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobhughes View Post
    wedding filming (which i do now) is actually much easier.
    In what way? I've always heard it is harder. With a photographer everyone is totally expecting to pose and spend time having photo's taken. With the video there is so much of the wedding (vows, exchanging of rings, speeches) where you have only one chance at the recording. Highly stressfull I would have thought.

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    Tim, having done both extensively, I really could argue it both ways!

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    Hello Mark, if I understand your question correctly, you're looking for recommendations for software for video editing.

    I would recommend looking at the Adobe Creative Cloud. It enables you to subscribe to every application they offer on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, or you can choose one app on an a la carte basis. We are busy wedding videographers and the editing application we use is Premiere Pro 6, contained in the Adobe CC. we find it to be an excellent professional grade editor. It is the counterpart to Apple's Final Cut Pro 7. We typically use Photoshop, Premiere and Encore on a daily basis. One nice aspect of the CC is the monthly plan, doesn't break the bank all at once.

    Hope this helps!
    John Summerfield
    Summerfield Films

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