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Thread: After Effects audio sync help required (CS6)

  1. Default After Effects audio sync help required (CS6)

    Generally I'm OK with AE but this has me stumped and embarrassingly its probably something simple.
    If I import a music video in MP4 format at 29.97 fps and use it in a comp set at 25 fps when I RAM preview the music plays faster than the original. (OK maybe no surprises there and first thoughts would be to time stretch {negative} the layer). However, what I don't understand is if I export the comp to render, once its rendered out it seems to play audio at the correct speed. This makes it pretty difficult to sync audio and visuals.
    Any help with what I'm missing here would be appreciated.

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    Perhaps this is a condition that requires the option to "interpret footage". For example, see:


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    Thanks for that Tim, embarrassed to say it appears to be a case of RTFM. I'd not seen the Adobe Press article before and I'll be having a go to see how I get on. It does look to be the solution so thanks again and a big thumbs up to this forums community which has helped me out before.

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    Well I'm still struggling here.... I've tried a few variations of "Interpret footage" without any luck, here's what I'm getting:-
    Footage downloaded from internet, imported into AE project, info panel (top left project panel) says its 25fps and then imported into 25fps composition. When RAM previewed the audio plays fast, however when rendered out (25fps in render settings panel) the finished render plays OK. I just don't understand.
    Next I tried some different footage downloaded from internet, imported into AE project, with project info panel saying its 29.97fps. Selected interpret footage and conformed it to 25fps then imported it into 25fps comp. When RAM previewed audio still plays fast, but once rendered out (with 25fps selected in render settings) the audio plays at correct speed but well out of sync with the video.
    I've read and re-read the Adobe articles from the link provided above, but I must be missing something. Any help/suggestions much appreciated.

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    If you conform 29.97 to 25fps it will slow it down a bit (like when you put 50fps footage onto on 25fps timeline and conform to 25fsp to get slow-mo) Do you have Premiere (I may have missed what you are trying to do)?

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    Rob,Tim and others
    I posted this in the "This isnt working" section. It maybe explains the problem a bit better:-

    After Effects audio settings (again, sorry).

    Further to an earlier post I'm still struggling to explain what I'm missing regarding audio in After Effects (CS6) and help would be appreciated. Here goes:-

    Shoot 3 short video clips (on Canon 6D), one at 60fps, one at 30fps and one at 24fps.
    Transfer them onto laptop (Macbook) and play them in Quicktime player; all fine and dandy.
    Import them into After Effects and then into a 25fps comp.
    60fps clip plays fast when RAM previewed. No surprise there (as its a 25fps comp).
    30fps clip plays fast when RAM previewed. Ditto.
    24fps clip plays fast when RAM previewed. Now I'm confused.
    But wait for this:-
    When I export the (25fps) comp containing the 60fps clip to the render queue and render out (render settings set to 25fps), once rendered it plays fine in Quicktime player.
    I have read through the Adobe manual sections on audio sync/render etc. but obviously I'm missing something (I assume in a setting somewhere?) and I so hope its something simple.

    Any help with this much appreciated as I'm sure you can imagine how difficult this is making editing.

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