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Thread: Sam Smith - I'm not the only one

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    Red face Sam Smith - I'm not the only one

    Hello again!

    We are "BefoRe SUnday" and this is our 3rd video!

    This time the recording is live in the studio and we used a acouple of 'Go Pros' for the video.
    The quality due to bad lighting was not that good so we had to edit the colors of the video and give it this "blue" feeling.

    Take a look and please share your opinion

    Hope u like it!

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    Nice song well performed.

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    She got a great voice..and you guys play really well. On the video, I noticed a few things:

    1) lack of variety of shots, like a few closeups of the guitar, the keyboard, her face/mouth etc... Although you had only 2 cameras, you could repeat the session a couple more times and film many different angles, helping the editing guy!
    2) cutting her feet while leaving a lot of space above her head (framing).

    Are you at BandCamp?

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    The think I took from it the most was the singer's mouth was covered by the pop shield in most of the shots. That doesn't work in a performance video. Sorry.

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