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Thread: please help me!! :'(

  1. Default please help me!! :'(

    i am new to video editing (24 hours of studying my camera and the editor program all together) and i am getting a flickering in my video on export!! ohh ive spent a third of that 24 hours trying to figure it out it seems :'( I would really appreciate ANY feedback, not just to do with the flicker that is happening. if it helps, what i think is happening is i have a fade that is supposed to happen, and its as if the fade comes in a fraction of a second late so you see the video as a hard cut. thank you guys and i am new here this is my first post! i make Inspirational Hip Hop music and this is just a video of me learning the program.**EDIT** I never swear in my music so please dont be afraid of what you might hear! thanks again everyone please leave *ANY* feedback! *DOUBLE EDIT* I thought you might want to know what i shot this with. Canon t3 rebel eos 1100. monochrome setting. 1280x720 720p. 29.97fps NTSC. anything else you need to know ask away
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    I have solved the issue!!!!!!!!!! hallelujah!!!! it was the bit rate. i had played with it before and it didnt work. i mustve set something else different to work with it. anyways here is the finished product!! feedback please

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    Hi Fresh613...welcome. What I see (errr, well....In true, can´t see anything in your video) is that you have a problem with light! Have a look here for some ideas.


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