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Thread: Little Sparkle - Fame (Music Video RED camera 4K)

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    Default Little Sparkle - Fame (Music Video RED camera 4K)

    Little Sparkle - Fame (Music Video RED camera 4K)

    Shot on a RED cemera in 4K for Little Sparkle daughter of MC Yo Wassup. What does the forum think? Any advise for next shoot?

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    the video i felt was very well edited and shot. i am just a beginner though. there was one scene that comes in at 1:45 where you changed the effects or something. i think it was intentional but i dont recall seeing those effects earlier in the video, and if i did they werent turned up as much as you have them at 1:45 (or i just didnt notice). i think it seems out of place.
    just my personal opinion it is far from a professional opinion. i see you getting views and no replies .i have also started a post and i am watching my views go up with no replies and could only imagine you feel the same as me.

    any reply is better than none right?

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    I miss some kind of story. The green screen chroma keying didn't work out as the edges were too harsh. Try to add anti aliasing.

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