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    I have been working on this for awhile between jobs. Its a abstract storyline meant to hint at modern life pressures to succeed and that sometimes the journey is more important.
    Many thanks

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    Very beautiful

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    Fantastic Rob. This must have taken very many hours

    If I had any criticism it would be there are a few pauses that lasted a little too long, but other than that i think you pulled this off really well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nice Cat Media View Post
    Its a abstract storyline meant to hint at modern life pressures to succeed and that sometimes the journey is more important.
    That may not have been my first interpretation of the video, but the symbolism is good enough to be seen in many plausible ways. For me it was more about trying to reach goals that either are or seem to be impossible. The "fall" part reminded me of escapism after disappointment in trying to do the "impossible". I think that's actually a strong point in bit more abstract short films; the way they may mirror their viewers ideas instead of having one, real way of seeing them.

    You did very good job with this one.

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    Many thanks! SSCinema I totally agree about the interpretation and thats why I dropped my original idea to have a spoken narrative audio track as even my views on what I was doing changed over the course of animating. David I also agree about the pauses and I did have an edit which cut them down but this felt rushed. Looking forward to starting something new soon using XXLRay's Blender motion tracking method!

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    Very nice. Funnily enough, even though I'm generally one for keeping things moving, I thought the pauses were needed here and I'm glad you kept them in

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    I have big respect for anyone who can confront doing animation. As you said the narrative is a bit abstract and possibly missed me but I still enjoyed looking at the images and listening to the music.

    Well done.

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