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Thread: Syncing new words to somebody speaking?

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    Question Syncing new words to somebody speaking?

    I have a video of a news reporter (about a minute long) and need to sync some audio of talking to his mouth. Naturally, the words don't match up and it looks pretty crappy. Are there any editing tricks I can employ that will either fix this or distract the audience from the un synchronized audio? I tried doing a zoom during the shot and it still is very distracting.

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    Hi Andersminor,
    Was the audio recorded while shooting video? if so, it should not be a big problem synchronizing speech with the video with making timing perfect.
    if it was shot separately, I assume it was, since you have problems with it, you should try to do your best to sync it with hand.
    Also you said that you tried to distract the audience. Is there any way you could switch between reporter video other video.(to make like a voice over). Of course not for the whole footage, maybe just for the parts you think are the most noticeable.

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