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Thread: Removing vocals from a song HELP!

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    Exclamation Removing vocals from a song HELP!

    I am using a song in a music video and I am trying to just get just the beat of the song not the lyrics (im trying to make an instrumental). I have used both audacity and Adobe audition in an attempt to remove the vocals. I used the center channel extractor and had no luck I also used phase inversion on audacity and again had no luck. The song is Can't squad with us- Borgore and I cant find any instrumentals online. However i did find JUST the vocals to the song, so right now I have the full song file open in Adobe audition as well as the vocal file open right next to it. I am stuck... Does anyone know a clever way to remove the vocals??? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    If you've managed to get just the vocals - you need to do exactly the same process that you used for that and at one stage invert it.

    Or, if you can't find that, invert the phase of the vocal file then add it to the full mix. This should cancel out all the vocals.

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