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Thread: Camera tracking for free - explained in five minutes

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    Default Camera tracking for free - explained in five minutes

    I found out that instead of using After Effects you can use the free opensource tool Blender for camera tracking. The tutorials I could find were quite lengthy though. So I made my own that is more straight to the point. By cutting down on chit chat and philosophical questions I was able to make it shorter than five minutes.

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    Excellent - thanks for this.

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    Blender is a software that almost drove me mad thanks to its unorthodox user interface. Other than that I have to admit that it's very powerful, especially for free/open source software.

    Very good tutorial, I'm glad you aimed towards keeping it short. It's always unfortunate when you find yourself skipping parts in tutorials.

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    Thanks for the compliments. Great to read that you liked it.

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    Great thanks for sharing this XXLRay!
    I wish I had seen this before doing this composite between Blender and After Effects it would have made the process a lot less painful!

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    It turned out well though

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    Thanks but I will be following you method next time!

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