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Thread: How to make this video more funny? :)

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    Default How to make this video more funny? :)

    Hello i have a funny video of my baby playing with a Tom cat and laughing.I used my old jvc camera so quality is so so.Is there any good video editor programs for chromebook to edit this video.Thank you any help will be good.

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    and this video needs to be fixed

    Thank you!

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    is there anything similar to macintosh video editor for chromebook?

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    There's not much you can do to improve poor quality video. The best you can do is colour / gamma corrections and if appropriate noise reduction. Of course, you also need the software to do that.

    I have no idea what's available on ChromeBook since I assume (rightly or wrongly) that that is a low power net book type device not running Windows or OSX.

    In terms of the second video.... well.... err.... you shot it upright....... see this.......
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