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Thread: The Flag He Fly Black

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    Default The Flag He Fly Black

    My latest music video shot and cut for MC Yo Wassup. What does the forum think.

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    very amateurish shot when he's in the woods(?) when the other guy comes in singing you need more angles. close up. far back, medium range. for all the shots actually you need that at least. and i notice that in hip hop videos, switching different scenes like every 3 seconds can work really well. the lyrics on the screen dont work they are annoying. at :50 seconds in the video, he's reminding me of that guy that pops out the side of your computer screen asking if you need help with something lol. my best recommendation is watch popular hip hop videos and study the way they edit.
    once again just a beginners view on things. i do know hip hop though

    *EDIT* those beginning things are really annoying. there is too many and its too long. one is fine two is pushing it but maybe you can get away with it
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    I liked the idea but neither filming nor the artwork were top notch ...

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