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Thread: Stripping audio from a DVD

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    Default Stripping audio from a DVD

    Hi everyone,

    Apologies for gatecrashing but I am looking for some help.

    I need to convert audio from a DVD into an mp3. The files appear as .vob and can be played through VLC - I have tried the VLC converter but it doesn't work.

    I am not an expert in any way so apologies for posting what is probably a simple problem to fix. I do appreciate any help you can give me


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    Sorry - I forgot to add. Happy to pay for software. Doesn't need to be free. I just need to know what to buy!

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    Given the time I've spent trying to rip DVDs (of public domain material) I'd probably consider simply capturing the audio in real time via SPDIF connection from my player to my audio interface.

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    A .vob file can be put into most video editing software there you can just render the project as a .mp3

    If you have difficulty importing the .vob file you could rename it .mpg that might help.

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    Thank you

    What software would you recommend?

    Apologies for sounding totally dense!

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    One simple (and free!) way of doing it is to download the Pazera audio converter from here:

    Doesn't need to be installed.. just unzip the downloaded file into a folder, and then click on the 'Audio Extractor.exe'..

    Then drag your DVD .vob file into the window and click 'convert'..... That's it..

    .....Of course if you do want to get clever, there are many ways of 'tweaking' the settings, but 'auto' should default to making a a pretty decent mp3.

    A 'standard full sized' .vob file (1GB) should only take a couple of minutes to convert.

    I have had some files where the progress slider doesn't always show - but as the conversion window closes at the end anyway,that has not really been a problem..

    There is another free Audio Extraction program that works well called 'AoA Audio Extractor'. But be warned, the latest version of that is bundled with some pretty nasty 'Adware', so probably best avoided...
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