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Thread: Looking for editor for Minecraft PvP videos!

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    Default Looking for editor for Minecraft PvP videos!

    Hey, alright so I am looking to pay someone to give me really nice edits on clips that I give you. This will be a long term job and it will have to be pretty speedy but good end result. I will also need a good looking intro made by you or someone else. I will need you to know the game of minecraft so when I send you raw clips you know which fights are worth putting in and which are not. I would like this to be done in vegas 12-13 so you are able to put in slow motion effects when combos happen and other effects where needed. Please PM me if you're interested and we can work out payment option then.

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    [QUOTE=Zurbey;212076]Hello, i am new in video editing, if you are still interested i am good at the basics and motion tracking if you want contact me on skype: radikbro it can show up "spider"
    i have made a vid that i will send you, if you want to wath it, again contact me

    I am also very cheap as i am first time getting this as a job, before i did this private/for firends

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