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Thread: Advice regarding Editing and Filming - 'Believer' American Authors

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    Exclamation Advice regarding Editing and Filming - 'Believer' American Authors


    I am planning to make a video very similar to 'Believer' by American Authors and am unsure how to begin. I have very little prior experience in producing video but am a competent programmer. Any advice would be appreciated. Please could you also estimate the time editing and filming this would take.

    (I am willing to purchase equipment and editing programs)



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    i don't know where to start

    if you are starting from scratch, try doing some filming using your phone and see if you like it

    if you have an iPhone there is an editing app called iMovie that will let you do the very basics

    for the split-frame example that you gave the link to, you will need a less basic editing application; if you have a Mac I would suggest final cut express - if you have a PC I would suggest Adobe premiere elements

    There are some basic things you will need to do to get decent video - use a tripod - use proper lighting

    if you are recording music my guess is that the video will be lip-synced to the track, so you don't need to worry about sound too much

    on the positive side, you really aren't aiming very high - the music was awful (I turned it off so I could keep watching the video), and the split-frame was cheesy at best; why go hi-def if you turn around and divide it into 4?

    I will give those guys three "A"s however, the singing was a-tonal, the playing was a-rythmic, and the production was a-musical - so your first attempt will probably be not so bad by comparison

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