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Thread: New Video Tool: Video Contact Sheets

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    Default New Video Tool: Video Contact Sheets; 1.2.1 Released w/ Improved Timestamps

    Video Contact Sheets
    Light weight, open source tool for video evaluation and clip searching

    I have created an application that takes any video file and generates a thumbnail composite video, which I call a video contact sheet. The composite video is composed of one hundred clips playing concurrently, each one 1% of the source video. This allows for quick and easy evaluation of the source file and convenient searching for desired clips within a lengthier video. The software already supports batch processing, so video contact sheets for large video archives may be generated without extensive user manipulation.

    I am releasing this beta version to solicit feedback on bugs and requests for new features. Please post these in the project discussion forums.

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    Only for 64 bit then?.....

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    32-bit is in the cards, but it'll probably have to wait until next weekend.

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    VCS 1.1 has been released with improved memory management for 32-bit. It's still possible to run out of memory, but it's fairly useable now.

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    1.2 is released! Includes support for user input via .ini file. Currently output resolution and grid size are configurable, with more on the way.

    This version also includes a new "thumbnail duration" feature that will automatically generate a grid size to result in the desired clip duration.

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    Thanks for posting this very useful free app... works fine here on Win7 32 bit now.
    Any chance of making the timing text white? (or perhaps even a selectable colour?....)

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    1.2.1 has been released with improved timestamp functionality, including selectable color. Thanks for your interest rogs!

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    Thanks .. the timestamps are now much easier to read..... great stuff!

    I wonder if you might include a short 'readme' in the download, to explain that you need to drag your video clip over the .exe icon to start the function?
    If you just click on the .exe -- as I did at first -- then of course nothing happens.......

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