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Thread: Valentine's Day Recipe

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    Cool Valentine's Day Recipe

    Ok, my girlfriend wants some feedback for her video!

    All opinions welcome!

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    It seems a little innovative for an instructional (especially cookery) video but I wonder if they are not normally done like that for good reason. I don't cook, but I don't think that matters. If I'm watching an instructional video, I think I'd find jump cuts distracting rather than helpful. It might make the video "trendy" but how does it help get the information across?

    I also though the out of focus shots were a bit strange - particularly theopening shot which had the subject out of focus but the table on which it was sitting pretty much in focus.

    I think some better choices could have been made with colours. Seeing the oranges/satsumas peeled against an orange tablecloth by someone wearing an orange apron didn't really help make the subject stand out from the background. The pink mixing bowl on the other hand worked as it reflected the pink filling in the result. Not that pick and orange should ever be seen together!

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    Interesting recipe!
    I think a cooking recipe video must be clear and slow. Some effects and transitions make me hardly keep track of the steps.

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