I've been a member since 2007 though admittedly not so active recently. I did see that the pimp your link thread section is closed so not sure I can share this here or at all. I won't be hurt if this thread gets deleted but I'd ask to be told about it politely as my goal is to share something of value and not to spam.

Value? Ya. As a fellow producer, I have acquired stock footage from other shooters and agencies many many times. Since I'm giving away stock footage every month, perhaps some users here will find that of value?

Technology has compelled me to bite the bullet and migrate my old online store to a new platform (groan x1000 ).

As part of the gradual re-boot or launch, I'm offering a free clip each month to those that subscribe both to my monthly enewsletter and YouTube channel.

Here is the intro video with an "explainer" on the offer and the first clip from last month:

Neither my signature nor this post has a link to my site and that's on purpose. Not trying to spam or force SEO.

If you are interested, the video has details (and perhaps the annotations will work) or you can click on its face to go to my YouTube channel which does link to my site.

The new "store" will also make it possible to represent the work of other cinematographers and account for revenue without turning my business into a data processing nightmare... I think.

Not looking for a lot of shooters, just a few who do really outstanding and perhaps unusual work - aerials, underwater, medical, timelapse... or anything that is jaw dropping amazing. The split will be attractive but you'll need to do some of the heavy lifting on entering the meta data of your clips as a result.

If interested best to track down the contact page on my site and send me a note that way.

Happy 2015 everyone! (belated)