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Thread: Fandango trailers on the go

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    Default Fandango trailers on the go


    I am a movie addict and I love to watch trailers to get new ideas about my next visit in cinema.
    Unfortunately a day has so few hours so I was wondering If I can make them available offline on my tablet... My favourite site is Fandango and I couldn't get it to work with firefox plugins.
    Somebody has a good and handy idea? Would be nice to have them in a good quality.


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    There are actually video downloader plugins available for browsers even if they are usually not allowed.

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    I don't know if Fandango has any special safety mechanisms...If not the plugins like xxl ray told u will be working fine. Probably the best is this one:
    But if they are restricted by fandango I would recommend you to use a screen recorder like camtasia or a more specialised one like this:


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