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Thread: Pond5 new Public Domain Project

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    Default Pond5 new Public Domain Project

    I don't know if anyone else has posted about this, but it appears that the Pond5 website is making a big collection of films, Images, sounds and models available for free use. This appears to be a collection of lots of old military and government B&W footage, but someone might find it useful for stock stuff. Here is the link:

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    I've been getting paid sound effects from them for a while now. Reputable site.

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    I don't think I've ever posted OMG before, but OMG - all that classical music available for use, for free. I could complain that it's not categorised for easy searching (I can't find a way to dind all "Beethoven" for example) but that would seem like nit-picking.
    3DS models as well! And I haven't begun to look at the footage yet.
    Thanks for the heads up, worddigger, I've also been browsing their site (if not actually buying) for years.

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    I recently took some interest in what kind of content is in public domain, so timing for this couldnt have been much better. Thanks for the heads up.

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