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    Hi guys

    I recently posted my Night time lapse tutorial and got some great responses.

    I've just released another photography tutorial based on Hyper Lapse. It got picked up by a few photography blogs which really helped bring in the views.

    Last week I went out into Manchester, UK to shoot some long exposure hyper lapse videos and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Whilst I'm definitely no expert I thought I'd share some tips and techniques in this short tutorial to encourage others to shoot hyper lapse.

    Let me know what you think

    Cal Thomson | Camera Operator |

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    Just a suggestion - it might be useful to state up front what software you will be using (or at least in the links). It was 4 minutes in before you mentioned you were doing it in AE which would not be much use if your viewer is interested in how to do it in FCPX or something.
    Alternatively, (and perhaps more usefully) describe each step in general principle and then demonstrate the step in your chosen software.

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    That's a good idea Tim. It does state that I'm using After Effects in the youtube description but do people really read that information?

    I'll try and mention it earlier next time.
    Cal Thomson | Camera Operator |

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