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Thread: Super quick question, been bugging me for YEARS!

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    Default Super quick question, been bugging me for YEARS!

    Hi there, real quick question that hopefully any pro Editor can answer!

    I edit a lot of montages and video packages, and I wanted to know what you would call the loud crashing noises used in trailers are?

    3 examples are all on the hits at 2:33, 2:37, 2:40.

    Can anybody either point me to where these are or at the very least, what they’re called so I can go hunt for them myself? I’ve no problem putting in the leg work and finding them but I don’t even know what to call them and “sound effect” just gives me ducks quacking and door bells etc.

    Any ideas?


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    Those noises are derived from explosion effects......there are literally hundreds of sites for those....this page is typical..

    (just hold your cursor over the image of each effect to hear it..)

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    Could even be a door slam in a hallway.

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