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Thread: New to video editing :)

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    Wink New to video editing :)

    Hey guys, without giving a big pretext on my past, I've recently switched majors to video editing and cinematography (still new so my terminology there might be off). So in light of doing this, I created a youtube channel to work on my video editing for the years to come! But I'm not here to endorse.. I just want to become a much better video editor. So I was going to post my first video to you guys as a link and if possible could you please criticize ( without killing me) and help me out! And if your so inclined PM me and give me extra advice! Thanks guys!!
    Link to video:

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    The video won't load for me - no error messages, just won't load

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    The world you inhabit is clearly so different from mine that my comments are probably irrelevant.

    One thing that I would expect to be universal is that the visual and audio content should support each other in some way. I'm not convinced that lots of shots of a computer game while you're talking about what you hope for your channel (delivered in a rather flat manner complete with hesitations) relate to each other in any way.

    I don't believe there's an excuse for poor spelling or typos in any video. Especially if you're trying to become an editor.

    Get a camera (you've probably got one on your phone). Shoot some stuff. Edit the pieces together to create a decent narrative. You won't learn cinematography using game footage.

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