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Thread: Business Cat animation

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    Default Business Cat animation

    Hi, I'm Matt Kinahan (17) Irish born, living in the UK. I made this animation a little while ago, but I never received very much feedback for it.
    This is my first post and I'm new to this forum, so I look forward to seeing how other video makers receive the video.

    The video itself was created using the adobe suite (illustrator, after effects and premiere pro).
    I also don't mind answering questions about how I made the video.

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    Well.... I have to be honest,

    • I didn't like the music and it made me not want to watch it. The lyrics & music phrases didn't sync that well either. It was too long and I got bored. I know this is personal preference - others may love it.

    • The cat is rather static, it really needs some changes of expression rather than being a dull flat object. It needs to physically animate, head, legs/paws, eyes, mouth etc, not fly around as a static object. The backgrounds also need more work

    In simple terms, it looks like you took some 2D elements from illustrator, popped them in to After Effects and did some basic camera moves in and out. There was really no depth to it and nothing visually exciting.

    Maybe worth a look at:

    It probably took many hours / days to get it to this point, so kudos for getting it this far, but it really does need taking to whole other level for it to be interesting to watch.

    Sorry if that's not what you were looking for.

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    Hi, thanks for the creative criticism.
    I appreciate what you are trying to say and you are right it is about personal preference.
    It can be difficult and stupidly tedious to animate inside after effects and I think it's not a half bad video considering It was my first video in this style.

    However I do appreciate positive criticism, your post could be very demotivating to alot of people. Watch what you say buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Kinahan View Post
    It can be difficult and stupidly tedious to animate inside after effects

    I know, I've done it, hence I said kudos to you for getting this far. But if that's the software you choose then you just have to get on with it

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Kinahan View Post
    However I do appreciate positive criticism, your post could be very demotivating to alot of people. Watch what you say buddy.
    Having spent hours, days, weeks or months, many people are totally enamoured with their own work and come here (and other forums) looking only for praise rather than (hopefully) constructive comments, even though they 'say' they want criticism, they really don't, they just want to be told what they did was awesome.

    Most people will learn nothing if others only tell them everything they do is brilliant for fear of offending them. Maybe the reason you didn't get much feedback before was because people didn't know what to say for fear of offending you. The best way to learn is to be told the truth, what people like and don't like, whether we agree with them or not.

    It's not always nice to be told what we did was not as good as we thought (I know from experience) but looking back many years from now it may be something we see for ourselves, and then, only then we will understand.

    People who only look for praise will learn nothing and therefor not improve their own skills. Friends and family will usually only tell us what they think we want to hear, that's why so many people are gutted when they go on talent shows having been told by their family they are awesome, only for the judges to give them a taste of reality.

    The fact that you got this far with After Effects says that if you keep going, learning the short cuts, the tricks of the trade, accept your mistakes and use them to build upon, you can become an awesome animator and the future could be very bright indeed.

    You are still young (17?), and while it's easy to see that as an insult (as I probably would have at 17), it's absolutely not, it's a reason for encouragement because you have so many years ahead of you to totally excel at anything you choose to do. Don't take things personally, use this video as a stepping stone, not a final destination in itself. Take encouragement from your achievements this far, but never be satisfied, because that's when we give up and stagnate. Knowing what I know now (51) I wish I could have created that at 17. So take heart, not insult from what I say.

    Good luck with your future animations and please, bring them back for us to see. I've seen a lot of people grow over the years, but only because they learned what was good & bad and gone on to make some truly inspirational pieces.

    [Edit:] Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. You've done an awesome job learning after effects, now you just need to learn your animation skills. That takes time and lots of iterations. Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    The song reminds me of Amazing Horse

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    Dear Matt,
    I think your video is very good.
    Especially since you have only 17 years old.
    Peace out and stay awesome.

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    The animation was clean

    the sound was clear

    no complaints

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