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Thread: Trailer: The Endlings, my latest short film

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    Default Trailer: The Endlings, my latest short film

    Hello again.

    For past six or so months we've been working on new short film titled "The Endlings" (Viimeiset in Finnish). It's our first finnish language short film, story about post-apocalyptic Finland, superpowers and survival. The crew is two or tree times larger than it usually is, so expect to see something more than just my old face.

    Have a look and I hope you like it. There's english subtitles (should be on automatically, if not, turn them on). Your feedback has very often been incorporated in my next films, so in part it's your own words you see here.

    Thanks for watching.

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    It definitely made me curious but I think you can work on the scene lighting of the SFX.

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    I've gotta say, having more than just you appear in the film makes it fell like a much, much bigger production. Well done. I agree with XXLRay about the SFX. The gunshots weren't bad but the fireballs and the lightning effects need a bit of work to make them more part of the scene.

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    I enjoyed it

    i didn't understand why she poured the liquid out of the flask

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