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    Im a video editor\cameraman. Im looking for some advice. I am filling up hardrives every few weeks now. I need a better solution than just adding to my random hd collection because its messy and gets cluttered.

    Im thinking some kind of a rack of hds that I can add to. I don't even know what you would call it. Id like to be able to back up all my data.
    Im talking about a lot of data I currently have about 13 tb and counting.

    What does everybody else do when it gets to this point, deleting footage isn't really an option at the moment either.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Is there a brand or website or even tutorial for a edit suite set up.



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    I use a Synology NAS system and it just works, and works well. It's also fast on the network too.

    For offline archiving I use LTO4 tapes. Yes, the drives were expensive, but I've save the cost of the drive by buying tapes that a) last longer than hard disks and b) cost less per GB than hard disks. LTO6 drives are a little more expensive, but you can easily work out where your break even will be if you're really chomping through the space. Try to thing 2 or 3 years ahead rather than 2 or 3 months and suddenly tapes make sense for a lot more people who are generating significant amount of content.

    BTW - 13TB is trivial, I'm way over 100TB

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