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Thread: Cinematographic Wakeboarding Video, Looking for Critiques and Hopefully More Views

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    Default Cinematographic Wakeboarding Video, Looking for Critiques and Hopefully More Views

    Hey guys! My brother and I just completed a wakeboarding edit from last summer you can view here:

    This edit, more than our past ones, has focused on cinematography, getting better angles for shots, and perfecting color correction. Any tips for improvement in these areas would be great help! We shot this with a Panasonic GX7 with only two clips being from a gopro 2. Edited in Final Cut X. What do you guys think of the slow-mo clips mixed with normal speed clips? We built the pacing around the song almost from the beginning of the project and we think that flows great. I was thinking it needs a bit more stock footage (stuff like the trees, water, atmosphere) to break up some of the monotony of trick after trick. Please let me know what tips you guys have!
    If you guys enjoy our work then please like and sub to my YouTube page! We like to produce snowboard and skateboard edits after each season as well. Thanks for any tips or comments guys! Seeing more views and likes on a production that took many months of work gives me great joy!
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    I would have preferred some more environmental shots e.g. camera pointing to the front, close-up of a landing or the skipper steering the boat. For me as a non-wakeboarder it was a bit like jumping over a wave, jumping over a wave, jumping over a wave, jumping over a wave, ...
    Apart from that you had some nice establishing shots and a good variety of view angles.

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    Thanks for the tips. I agree, redundancy is definitely the most obvious flaw. We were playing with some stock footage but not many seemed to look good or flow with the music. We've already begun editing a snowboarding video together and it has a lot more environmental shots to break up the monotony and it really looks great. To a non-wakeboarder, this kind of video can definitely seem redundant, most of the tricks are unique but we could have cut a few out like straight airs with only a grab. Thanks again!

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