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    Hello Forum

    I am filming/recording a conference soon on my Sony EX1R camcorder. The clients have asked me if it is possible to stream it LIVE online as well, for a worldwide audience. I'd like to stream from the EX1 as it will have the audio inputs from the PA system etc and has a better image that just sticking a phone or tablet on the side somewhere. I have looked at taking along my laptop and using UStream to do this and seems simple enough. Of course there is no extra budget to do this, so trying to see if I can do it for no/little extra cost.

    My problem is this: my EX1 has HDMI output (for full HD), Firewire 400 output (HDV & DVCAM signals only) and the standard analogue composite and component outputs. BUT my laptop has only a couple of USB2 and 1x Firewire input. I thought that the Firewire option would work by changing the camera setting to DVCam or HDV, but HDV seems to be unreadable by UStream, and the DVCam setting sends out an anamorphic signal at 720x576, which UStream interprets as a squeezed 4x3 image. I have the same issue with another streaming software called Broadcam. There seems to be no way to unsqueeze the image to fill the 16:9 streaming window.

    Going the analogue route, which would mean buying an RCA to USB adaptor probably wouldn't solve this issue either!

    Is there a good way of getting my HDMI feed into my laptop via USB2 or the Firewire, via adapters etc? Any advice would be helpful - otherwise I am probably looking at spending money on an HDMI capture card for my desktop and bring that to the conference, which I would not wish to do, as this is likely a one off job. Thanks.


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    You need to go to the computer store and have them install an HDMI input on your laptop, or bring a different computer that has one, but make sure it's input not output

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