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Thread: Video is played back in halp speed after exporting

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    Question Video is played back in 6 fps after exporting


    I created my first movie in Pinnacle Studio 17 ultimate this weekend. Started off with a default project and imported my MTS-files from a Panasonic Lumix camera. Did my editing, added music and all that. I then exported to MPEG-4 HD1080p, and when playing the video afterwards the video goes half framerate (or even slower?) while the sound is normal.

    I proceeded to check the project settings and verified that the video standard was HD 1920x1080/25p. In the Export settings i discovered it was set to 50p so assumed that was the problem.
    However, when I exported again I got the same problem. The strange thing is that if i export in MPEG-4 720p the video is fine!

    Why does this happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Upon further inspection, I found that the frame rate is actually only 6fps in the exported video.

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