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    Hopefully there will be an experienced user who can make the following easy for me.

    Just purchased an old Sony DCRH53C from the bay to finally get to capturing all my old family mini DV videos. Plugged the camera in and captured one of the tapes - but quality does not seem good, getting some pixilation etc. I'm using proprietary capturing software on Windows XP (to accommodate FireWire connection)- then copying to an external HD to transfer to windows 8 laptop. I'm then viewing / intending to edit on Power Director 10 which came with my windows 8 machine.

    What is the best means to capture Mini DV to maximise quality?

    Is the current quality the best I'm likely to achieve?

    What capturing software should I use (on an XP machine)?

    Many thanks if your sable to assist.


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    Using Firewire to 'capture' DV is a misnomer. A Firewire connection allows you to transfer your DV files to the computer - in real time - without any loss of quality at all. Your video files are simply exact copies of your orignals.

    You don't mention which software you are using, but the free utility WinDV will allow you to transfer your footage in the original DV format (i.e as exact copies)

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    Yes, firewire should be an exact clone. Maybe you think it looks low quality because you have gotten used to watching HD material? SD is considerably lower quality than HD, all things being equal. - Filmproduktion und Videoproduktion in Graz und Wien

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    Are you dropping frames or just getting pixelated images ? Have you cleaned the tape head ? Don't run background programs while capturing. Does the image look ok when played straight from the camera ? Are the tapes in good condition ?

    All important points.

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    You should be capturing to dv-avi

    if you aren't dropping frames, then you should have maximum quality

    you will have pixelation on an HD monitor because your stuff isn't HD

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