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Thread: Best LONG form video Editing Software?

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    Default Best LONG form video Editing Software?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum - I was wondering if there is a really good editing program for long form videos? I shoot a lot of church services and events and sometimes the videos can be 40 mins-to an hour in length. I am shooting in HD1080 and with multiple cams. Can someone direct me to a program that can handle this? I am using a PC (very new, with 2gb of video RAM, 12GB RAM, and Intel core I7. I have good specs on my computer, I suspect the editing program I am using just can't handle what I am putting into it. I am currently using Pinnacle 17 ultimate and it stalls and loses sync often with long form vids. Short form no problems. Thanks for any advice!

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    Would transcoding for editing be an option for you?

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    Your pc seems ok to me

    i would suggest looking at adobe premiere pro in your case - it doesn't crash - excellent multi-cam support - etc

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    You mention multiple cameras. What codec do they record? This will play a role unless you don't mind transcoding. But in my opinion the best NLE for long form is Lightworks. It is made for that and has a long and successful history in editing Hollywood films, which are long form. They have a free version so it's easy to check it out. - Filmproduktion und Videoproduktion in Graz und Wien

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