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Thread: STORY OF OUR BABY -My first standard video project

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    Smile STORY OF OUR BABY -My first standard video project

    This is a small video clip create by us ,which shows some activities of a baby....

    We use Canon EOS 70D and Canon 18-135 IS STM lens.
    Picture style we use was Vision color picture profile. Use adobe Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 for editing and use VisionColor OSIRIS- Vision 6 - Rec.709 3D LUT for cinematic color correction.

    Highly appreciate your ideas to improve my ability....

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    Hi deepalwije and welcome.
    This is the correct place to post videos if you want comments. I've deleted your duplicate post. It doesn't help to post in more than one section. It is unlikely that more people will see your video as a result and it is highly likely you will annoy people.
    The main reason for posting a video only once (and indeed for the "one video per thread" rule in this section is otherwise madness reigns. All too easily comments between threads can become confused.

    As for your film, I thought it was quite a nice looking record. I'm not sure that it really qualifies for the title "Story of Our Baby" as it seems to be simply one day in that story. I was also not keen on the overexposed shots at the beginning and the end, and I'm not sure whether that was intentional. Nice colours although I did find it underexposed for skin tones throughout much of the film.

    The opening ident was too long at 10 secs for internet.

    Congratulations on getting the camera down to her level. Most shots drew us into the little girls world. I thought the shot at around 1:11 should have been close in on her hands - as it is we have a rather awkward torso shot with head cut off at the neck and legs cut off at the hips, but that's a bit picky.

    The only serious crticism I'd have was the music. The choice wasn't bad (didn't like the first piece for this, the second piece was particularly well suited, the third was OK) but there was no thought put into editing the changes between the three pieces and these harsh cuts really jarred.

    I would have liked to have heard some ambient sound or the girls talking from time to time which would have brought us in to the movie a bit more.

    Overall though I thought this showed some real promise. Take a look at Marc Peters' films on this forum of his girl for ideas of how to put films of this sort together - but keep your own style.

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    Dear Tim,

    Thanks so much for your most valuable ideas...

    again thanks,

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