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Thread: Newbie with a big lens !

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    I have used my 5D mark III and EF 400mm f/2.8 IS II for a while shooting wildlife stills and would like to try and shoot some video. I have a basic understanding of operating the camera to shoot video.
    Can anyone suggest a set up to use shooting wildlife from a mobile hide so not moving around much.

    Starting with a tripod, would a heavy duty stills tripod be man enough for the job, one with a 20kg load capacity or will a video tripod be essential ?

    I would like to use a fluid head and a rig with a focus follower set up but is there any gear for such a big lens 340mm long and 3.8kgs !!. My lens focus ring is a rather large 130mm diameter. I am thinking something like a Jag35 DSLR Baseplate V2 and
    Z- Finder pro 3 viewfinder to start with.

    I would love to be able to use the lens as it takes amazing quality stills but I need a practical set up that will work as I realise focusing would be critical at 400mm.
    A weight training regime is underway to carry all the extra gear !!

    Many thanks


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    What sort of wildlife?

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    Birds mainly, larger species wetland and shore birds so nothing to fast moving maybe waders running around but no flight shots . Also larger mammals deer etc.

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