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Thread: Issue with H.264/AVC export in Adobe Premiere Pro

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    Default Issue with H.264/AVC export in Adobe Premiere Pro

    I am a beginner with Adobe Premiere so please excuse me if this is a naive question.
    The first thing I tried to achieve with Premiere is to convert/compress videos that I capture by my camera. I have been doing this for long long time using NCH Prism Video Converter and It does a good job. It uses AVI container with H.264 codec and compresses a lot while you don't feel much in quality loss. I have been trying to export a video to the same level of compression with kind of similar quality with Premiere, but I haven't yet been successful. The exported files are always larger and lower in quality. I have uploaded the original captured video as well as samples of the videos compressed by Prism and Premiere on my dropbox:

    Original (.mov 131.72 MB):
    Prism (.AVI 18.94 MB):
    Premiere (.MP4 20.67 MB):

    What I'd like to find is the right format in Premiere to get pretty similar quality&size as I get with Prism. As you can see in the above videos, the Premiere one is larger and more noisy (pixels are distorted especially when the camera is moving and you can see noises that cause pixels to seem jumpy/jaggy - sorry I don't know the exact name of this kind of noise).

    I tried MediaInfo to see what codec Prism is exactly using. It seems that it is using AVC, but I have no idea on how I can install/use AVC codec in Premiere. Below you can find the detailed information about the codec/format that Prism uses.

    I really appreciate any suggestion.

    ID : 0
    Format : AVC
    Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
    Format profile : High@L3.0
    Format settings, CABAC : Yes
    Format settings, ReFrames : 3 frames
    Codec ID : H264
    Duration : 1mn 3s
    Bit rate : 2 371 Kbps
    Width : 1 920 pixels
    Height : 1 080 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 16:9
    Frame rate mode : Variable
    Frame rate : 23.976 fps
    Color space : YUV
    Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
    Bit depth : 8 bits
    Scan type : Progressive
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.048
    Stream size : 17.8 MiB (94%)
    Writing library : x264 core 125 r2209 68dfb7b

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    I didn't look too far in to each movie, but what I saw was that your bit rate from premiere pro looks like it's too low.

    I tend to use target 5mbit as an absolute minimum and prefer 10+. Try that and see fi it gets you what you need.

    Also, make sure that your premiere pro sequence matches your source video exactly (size / frame rate) otherwise you could get some odd artefacts coming in to play. The easiest way to do this is to drag a clip to the new sequence icon or create an empty sequence then when you drop the first clip on let premiere make the sequence equal that first clip.

    Unless your computer is really slow you shouldn't need to transcode media for use in premiere pro. You can reduce playback quality to 1/2 or 1/4 if you're having playback issues.

    If you really want to transcode to editing codecs then (I'm assuming you're on Windows since you're using AVIs) download the FREE AVID codecs (DNxHD) and install them. Use either media encoder or prelude to transcode your original footage in to DNxHD which should then edit very easily even on a low power machine. The file sizes will be quite large though - no free lunch as they say.

    Once you have your edit, export as h264 with a minimum 5mbit for either YouTube or Vimeo etc, 10mb+ where possible.

    BTW - AVC is just an implementation of H.264, as is X264. Typically X264 will do a better job with a smaller file size. You can also get a FREE X264 plugin for Adobe that will be available in Media Encoder (so also available in Premiere Pro Exports). It may take some time to find, but I've certainly downloaded and installed it in the past. Google is your friend here. There's a paid one and a free one. Otherwise export at the highest quality you can then run through (free) Handbrake for x264 encoding.
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    Make sure that your parameters are the same as origianl ones. Or if you want to save all troubles by figuring out what exact problem of your loading progress, I suggest you to try some converter, I found one blog which said about this XAVC and premiere pro loading thing. maybe it can shed some light on you? And BTW, MPEG may be the most compatible format for your Premiere

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    Following up on David's advice in post #2, the version I've posted here : uses the free x.264 codec he mentions, and utilises a bit rate of around 8Mb.

    The file size is about half your original .mov file, and looks pretty much the same as the original, as far as I can see. Most of the tiny movement 'glitches' are probably a side effect of the camera's automatic image stabilsing I would guess....

    You might get away with a slightly lower bit rate...... just experiment by adjusting the parameters of the x.264 codec settings... my video used the default settings for the codec in Virtualdub (I don't have Premiere..but you can 'frameserve' to Virtualdub from Premiere, using THIS free software, if you want to..)
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    Check out Premiere official website first to know what's the best supported format of it.

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