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Thread: Newbie looking for any recommendations you may have!

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    Default Newbie looking for any recommendations you may have!

    Hi all,

    This may be a little bit of a long first post as I am pretty new to all of this!

    I have just picked up a Panasonic HC-W850 camcorder, Serif Movieplus x6, a 32gb PNY memory card and a velbon tripod to start me off..
    This is my first real delve into making videos and using equipment other than my iphone and windows movie maker.

    So my editing goals are only basic, which are making youtube videos such as vlogs, reviews, guitar covers, filming trips and just making random videos etc. However I wanted to invest in a decent camcorder which has great image quality, and part of my main goal is to keep my videos in the highest possible video quality! The W850 has impressed me so far.. apart from the battery life, but then again I will buy a spare when funds allow. I should add, this is the first time I've ever owned and used a camcorder too! I also aim to look into recording audio separately for my guitar covers, but that's for a few months time!

    My laptop is an HP Pavilion G series (hand me down) and unfortunately I won't be upgrading this for a while due to being in between jobs and having severely limited funds.. However its screen is HD (unsure if its full 1080p though) and fair in size and has managed to run serif and allow me to edit and export AVCHD footage.
    Would a faster bigger better spec'd laptop or desktop mean I lose less video quality during editing? Or would it just make editing smoother and exporting faster?

    So far I have made small 10 minute videos, which were filmed in AVCHD 1080 50p, then trimmed, music added etc in Serif Movieplus and exported as an AVCHD file under the AVCHD 1080 50p presets. The music track I added was in mp3 format, and after exporting was completed (1hr 30mins) I played my final movie in windows media player which highlighted my first problem. The music sort of breaks up in certain parts, always in the same part as well.

    I have heard that converting the music files to WAV format will solve this?

    I then uploaded to youtube, and some visual quality was lost. Is this to be expected because its youtube?
    The raw footage looks absolutely stunning to me, although I can't be fully sure if there is any visual quality decrease after exporting with Serif. Can you lose quality after editing and exporting? If so, why and how can I go about basically keeping the quality as good as the raw footage.

    I chose Serif movieplus x6 because it creates proxy files (I have no real idea what that is), which I was told basically makes an old less powerful laptop able to edit HD footage easier?
    Would this lose me quality in the final result after exporting?

    My camcorder can also record in mp4 format, and so I made a small video filming in mp4 and to me the AVCHD mode looked noticeable sharper, however the mp4 video was filmed in slightly dimmer light.. bit of an unfair test I know!

    Either way my laptop coped with the basic trimming and splitting and adding of captions etc while using AVCHD footage, so is it best to just stick with this mode?

    Sorry for all the questions which probably seem completely nuts! My main concern is loss of video quality as you can probably gather, and as a newbie to all this I don't really know any technical stuff.. I've sort of just figured bits and pieces out from the manuals so far.

    I'm sure I will be along with many more questions and lots more confusion haha.. But I think I've done ok and have enough equipment to meet my needs.

    Thanks so much for reading!


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    You seem completely nuts as you suggest

    your audio may simply be clipping your speakers due to the level for one or more tracks being set too high - your editor should show real-time audio levels and you will be able to see which track or tracks is/are set too high (red is bad)

    Youtube probably won't do your movie justice but at the very least you should turn off the YouTube capture stabilization feature if you are already using a tripod - some of the old goats on this forum use Vimeo when they want to see top-quality video on the web

    as far as overall video quality, the more compression you apply, the more quality you lose. What are your avchd export "presets"? If you want more quality on export, you should lower the compression ratio

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