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Thread: Problem with windows movie maker

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    Default Problem with windows movie maker

    Sorry if this is not the right topic.

    I will start from the start. I recorded a video with a VHS video camera. I then converted it to DVD by using a DVD recorder, the I downloaded a DVD to MPG program and converted the DVD to windows media player, then downloaded a few codecs.

    So now I can play the video in windows media player. What I want to do is edit it. I can drag it into windows movie maker and when I play it, I can hear it playing, but I can't see it.

    Can you help me, do I need a codec or something?


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    Probably not the ideal scenario to have so much compression going on before your editing stage. Convert from MPEG to DV rather than WMV.

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    I will try that. But I think the problem is, when I drag the video into windows movie maker it gets recognized as a audio file therefore it shows no picture. A am new to editing so I am not to sure, any help appreciated!


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    You have encoded with WM9 but are viewing it on a version of Windows Media Player prior to 9.

    Try downloading this and see what happens

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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