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    Hi All,
    I'm using Movie Studio Platinum. Is it possible to invert the direction of the fades at both ends of an envelope? So instead of going from silent to X decibels, and then back to silent, it goes from full volume to X decibels, and then back to full volume. Splitting the envelope into three, and then fading the envelopes at each end, won't allow me to have a smooth transition if the middle envelope is quieter, but not silent (shown below).
    Hope that's clear. Please ask me to explain again if it isn't.

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    I don't use your software, but I would think you can control your volume using keyframes, so you can make the fade literally anything you want it to be.

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    Would "adjusting volume in your project using Volume Envelopes" help in your problem?
    Some of the options shown are not available in Movie Studios.

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    Can you drag the edges of the middle bit out to overlap the outer two bits or the edges of the outer bits to overlap the inner bit? Is there a setting for Automatic Crossfades under Options? That's one way I do it in Vegas 6, in addition to using volume envelopes. Adjusting the gain of the audio block affects the level before the inserts while volume envelope affects level after the inserts, important to consider if you have a compressor inserted on the track.

    Crossfades look like this:

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    Thanks guys. All very helpful, and very much appreciated.

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