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Thread: Breaking effect and flying through clouds

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    Default Breaking effect and flying through clouds

    Hello, I want to learn this:

    That breaking effect.
    The flying through clouds I already know how to start learning I think...
    And the rest of it's just perspective play, right?

    Just need the name of that breaking effect


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    I think the name of the effect you are talking about is 'particle animation'.. Typically carried out with Adobe After Effects -if you have access to that program?
    If you need to do using free software, then take a look at ' Blender '

    Bit of steep learning curve, from what I've read, but could be a good 'free' way of achieving what you're after.

    Take look at this text 'particle' tutorial using Blender: to get an idea of what's involved...

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    Thanks Rogs!
    I really these Blender features.

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    There's another thing i can't realize how to do...
    I'm using After Effects CS6 and I create the clouds with Trapcode Particular plugin... It's really good, but i can't figure how to place texts or images inside of the clouds. Like halfway down the clouds and halfway up. It's possible to interact with the 3D created through Trapcode?

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