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Thread: Separating/editing stereo audio tracks - Movie Studio 13 Suite

  1. Default Separating/editing stereo audio tracks - Movie Studio 13 Suite

    Hi All,
    I'm editing AVCHD files in 'Movie Studio 13 Suite'. The audio has been recorded in stereo so I want to be able to seperate it out for editing purposes. I can't seem to do it in 'Platinum 13'. I've also tried in 'Sound Forge Audio Studio' and 'ACID Music Studio' but they don't appear to support the file types or files with stereo tracks. Am I missing something obvious? Or is there another (reasonably priced) program that will do the job? I'd prefer a permanent solution, but am considering downloading 'Vega Pro Suite' on trial. Would that version allow me to seperate the stereo tracks?

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    I'm still on Vegas 6 so this may or may not apply. I duplicate the stereo audio track, right-click on the original waveform, mouse over Channels, select Left Only, repeat on copy but select Right Only.

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    The method bouldersoundguy suggests is available in Movie Studio 13 Platinum.

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    That does the trick! Many thanks Bouldersoundguy

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    And yes vkmast, it does indeed. Thanks also.

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