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    Hey guys I made a youtube channel but I need an intro. If someone could make one for me I'd be eternally grateful. It needs to say Super Nerd HQ and it also must have my logo in it

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    I am also a novice, but you might want to try Windows Movie Maker, it lets you add simple animations to your video and add intros with text, etc. Just an idea.

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    There are some user-friendly softwares for you to make a simple intro, you can try ProShow such, besides windows movie maker.
    Your logo looks great!!!
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    Perhaps something like this might do?.......

    It's my first attempt at an animated mask sequence..... so a bit of a 'novice' effort I'm afraid....and it took a bit longer to do than I thought it would..... there's a lot to learn with this 'animation' side of video.... and probably made that much more difficult by not having access to After Effects!
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    Well done for having a go, rogs. Let's hope the OP comes back to take a look.

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    Not too hopeful about that Tim.... I don't think he's been back since his original post?................ I was looking for a simple project to try out an idea I had for doing this kind of thing -- without going to the expense of buying After Effects!

    I learned quite lot in the process... which, as I mentioned above, took quite lot more time that I'd first thought it would....... but that's probably just me being a bit slow!

    I was trying to do it all with free software, but in the end I used an old version of Canopus 'Imaginate' to do the logo 'motion' bits. Sadly, that's no longer a current product... although you can still find old stock listed occasionally...

    As I say, I learned a lot.... and realised just how much there is to learn about this kind of project.

    My respect to those who do these things well......
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