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    I made another post quite some time ago and wondered why a cut from first person view to third person view didn't work.
    I got myself a new camera and used the opportunity to improve on esentially the same sequence. The footage was taken again and I even managed to add some more shots.
    Furthermore I applied some tips like making more cuts and adding a "position-o-meter tm". I doubt that all of you will like the music but overall I hope I improved thanks to your feedback.

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    Let me begin by saying that my own skiing videos are bogus, so don't imagine that I know more than you

    Notwithstanding the above, here are my observations:
    - the music was ok but I ended up turning it off as it was really just filler and didn't vary at all
    - the shots from the skis didn't add anything to the video
    - one shot on the chair would be fine
    - try for a 5-second establishing shot, 3-7 seconds (max) main shots and 2-second (max) secondary/reaction shots
    - most people wouldn't know what the snow guns are
    - based on the above the video should be just over a minute

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    Thanks for the feedback. I need to practice cutting it down.

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