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    I have been making you tube videos now for approx. 2 years and have made just over 160 videos most of them are short reviews and tips as I am a window cleaner ,I have been ask many a time to improve my camera at the moment I got a small Toshiba camileo z100 it cost around 100 , i have not got a lot of money to spend but i was thinking could someone please tell me what a good camera second hand for around 300 i should get

    this is one of my videos .
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    Your videos are doing well on YouTube - I'm not sure you really want to change the formula too much - your camera seems to be constantly trying to autofocus - can you focus it manually?

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    I would probably rather invest in a cheap tripod first. It will get you rid of the resolution loss from image stabilization. Probably compare yours to one of my unboxing videos:
    It will also allow you to work with a fix focus. Just like zamiota I don't think the major issue is the camera.

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    Thanks for the replys the video regarding the light meter is the sort of quality I want , I got a small tripod but it does not fit where I want it and the large tripods are too big for the camera that is why I am thinking I need to get a better camera

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    I was thinking

    but as it is old would it be any better I like the idea of sticking the camera on a tripod etc told you I know nothing lol but I am getting a few subcribers now so I feel I need to step up a gear

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    What about a monopod then?

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    what is a monopod ? I will have a look

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    It's a tripod with one leg.

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